Carpet Cleaning: Frequently Asked Questions

Aug 02 2017

Getting your carpet regularly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner is essential to prolong its life. Even if you are conducting a regular vacuum cleaning session at home, it is not possible to extract the dirt and dust particles which are deeply rooted in the carpet fibers. Also, it is important to read manufacturer’s carpet care instructions to ensure that you do not cause any harm to your precious carpet. Below is a list of some commonly asked carpet cleaning questions:

Q: What should be the frequency of cleaning my carpets?
A: It is important to get professional carpet cleaning done after every six to twelve months. This is essential even if your carpets look neat and clean on the surface. Apart from this, regular vacuuming and steam cleaning is necessary to ensure that your carpets look fresh and new for a long time.

Q: Which is the best carpet cleaning method?
A: Carpets can be cleaned using the steam cleaning process, rotary scrubber cleaning or encapsulation carpet cleaning methods. However, the best and most convenient method is steam cleaning that thoroughly removes all the embedded soil and dirt particles from the carpets.

Q: What is the difference between steam cleaning and dry cleaning?
A: Both steam as well as dry cleaning offer optimal results, but the difference comes with the amount of eater and type of products used in the process. In the former high pressure hot water is sprayed on the carpets which sweeps down the fibers and helps to extract dirt and grime. While in the latter the carpets are pre-vacuumed after which a combination of cleaning agents are spread over the fibers to break the oil. This method is less preferred due to the use of more chemicals.

Q: Can I walk on the carpet after cleaning?
A: The carpet should be completely dry before you walk on it again. You can either wear shoe covers in case carpet usage is totally unavoidable. Also, make sure that your feet and shoes are clean when you walk on the carpet.

Q: Do I need to remove the furniture before carpet cleaning?
A: Although the carpet cleaning professionals require you to move smaller furniture items out of the room, the bigger pieces can be left behind. These are either safely moved out by the professionals or are cleaned around without any hassles. The furniture is placed on the plastic tabs or Styrofoam blocks to provide complete protection.

Q: Does carpet cleaning remove all the stains?
A: Professional carpet cleaners have the requisite equipment and techniques to remove even the most stubborn stains from your carpet. However, it is best to get immediate treatment for urine or ink stains so that they do not permanently damage your carpet.

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