How To Clean Hardwood Floors

Aug 30 2017

Hardwood floors make your home look exemplary, but it is essential to clean and protect them so that they last long. The dirt and grime is easily visible on hardwood floors and therefore you need a cleaning routine to keep them shiny. Always use the correct tools for cleaning and avoid vinegar or water as they can make your hardwood floor look dull over a period of time.

It is important to take preventive maintenance measures so that cleaning the hardwood floor takes up less of your time. For instance, you can use floor protectors beneath your furniture to avoid scratch marks. Apart from this, keeping mats near the exterior doors can also lessen the entry of dirt in the house.

You can clean your hardwood floor using the following methods:

  • Basic cleaning: Firstly, it is important to dust the floor daily using a mop treated with a dusting agent. Use a vacuum cleaner with the floor-brush attachment to clean your hardwood floor every week. Be careful not to use an attachment that can cause a scratch or damage your beautiful floor. Nowadays, disposable electrostatic cloths are also available that can be used for quickly dusting off the hardwood floors.
  • Thorough cleaning: Just mopping the dust every day won’t suffice as dirt and grime do not get removed completely. It is best to get in touch with a floor cleaning company for deep cleaning of your hardwood floors. If you are conducting the cleaning process yourself, use a high-quality product that has been specifically made for hardwood floors. Make sure the floors are completely dry once the process is completed.
  • Polishing: It is essential to get your hardwood floor polished after every few months in order to keep it neat and clean. The polish also acts as a protective shield and ensures that your hardwood floor does not get damaged. Another advantage associated with polishing is that it fills any minute scratches. Talk to a professional floor cleaning company who can perform the task very easily for you.
  • Removing marks and stains: The marks on your hardwood floor can either be on the surface or penetrate deep into the wood. Therefore, the cleaning process for both types of stains is different. It is important to always use a soft, clean cloth for wiping surface stains as steel wool or harsh chemicals can cause permanent damage to the finishing of the hardwood floor. Oil-based stains can be easily removed using a soft cloth and dishwashing detergent. Always end all the cleaning processes by using fresh wax on the treated floor so that it does not look different from the rest of the area.
  • Yearly cleaning: After every 3-5 years, your hardwood floors need refinishing to last longer. Sanding and refinishing involves completely removing the old protective finish and replacing it with a new one. This process can also repair any major damages or deep scratches on the hardwood floor.

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