How To Make Your Carpets Look Like New Longer

Nov 06 2017

Buying a carpet is one thing, keeping it look new is another. As soon as a carpet is purchased, there is constant need for its upkeep. Here are few tips which can help you to maintain carpet look new for longer.

Vacuum Cleaning: Vacuum cleaning every week will prevent dust particles from leaving a permanent stain on the carpet. If the carpet pile is thick, vacuum slowly. This will ensure that even the dirt which has seeped deeper in the carpet is removed properly.

Steam Cleaning: The maintenance and care of carpet is fabric specific. Therefore, keep hands on information or refer to the maintenance manual for effective care practices for the carpet. For example, steam cleaning may be useful for some carpets, while it may not be suitable for other types. 

Service Often: The termites and dirt which remains in the carpet for longer eat away the carpet slowly. Consequently, the carpet fabric becomes weak and gets torn with even mild application of pressure or cleaning effort. Expert cleaning services will help to remove the dust particles and termites which otherwise settle and feed on the carpet fabric. This way, the carpet fibers will remain stronger for longer enhancing its life and keeping it look like new.  

Spills: The biggest enemy of carpets or rugs are accidental spills. It bloats the rug surface from within and provides breeding ground to allergens. This affects the rug colour and also damages its fiber. Soak the spill immediately to avoid bloating of stain. Further, minor stains can be taken care of with the help of professional cleaning services.

Carpet Fabric: Carpets are frequently subjected to dust and dirt. The cleaning of this dirt from the carpet depends upon the fabric. A carpet which has longer fibres with thick pile is always difficult to clean. However, the tools used by professional carpet cleaners are efficient in reaching the deepest layers of carpets and cleaning them.

To conclude, keeping the carpet clean and dry is the easiest way to keep it looking fresh for longer. Therefore, ensure dry atmosphere with regulation of air conditioning in different seasons and enjoy newer carpet for years to come.   

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