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“Our technicians will not only clean your carpets and rugs but also provide you with useful tips to enhance their longevity. We do not follow a pre-set strategy for every carpet cleaning job we take up. Depending on the type of carpet you have and the extent of the damage caused, we will decide on the most effective cleaning method.”

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Carpet Cleaning

The technicians at Aspen Roto Clean specialize in cleaning dirty and stained carpets, leaving them absolutely shiny as well as soft. We understand that your carpets are exposed to dirt, pet dander, mud, food spills that may cause wear and tear of its delicate fibers. The cleaning methods used by our technicians in Salt Lake City will not only improve their appearance but also help you get rid of any allergens.

Drapery/Upholstery Cleaning

Trust the proficiency of our technicians to maintain the upholstered furniture as well as drapery at your home or office in the Salt Lake, Summit, and Davis Counties. We have experience in cleaning different types of upholstery and drapery fabrics such as leather, suede, tweed, satin, cotton, linen, etc. Our services are designed to deep clean your sofa, couch, curtains, ottomans, etc., and refresh the look of the entire room.

Floor Cleaning

Aspen Roto Clean offers expert cleaning services for different types of rugs, including antique, semi-antique, and contemporary. Our technicians are proficient in caring for cotton, wool, Persian, silk, bamboo, jute, and oriental rugs. We can help to keep your rugs clean, remove any foul odors as well as restore their original sheen.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

We cater to the floor cleaning needs of residential and commercial properties in the Davis, Salt Lake, and Summit Counties. We specialize in cleaning hardwood, marble, stone, VCT, concrete floorings. Our cleaning services also include waxing and polishing to restore the shine of your beautiful flooring.

Rug Cleaning

For complete tile and grout cleaning services in Salt Lake, Davis, or Summit County, contact Aspen Roto Clean. We offer a complete cleaning program that includes heat, vacuum, cleaning agents, and pressure wash to remove the deeply embedded dirt from the grout lines. We will also apply sealers to make your tiles shine and stain-resistant.


Aspen Roto Clean is a pioneer in the carpet cleaning industry of Salt Lake, Davis, and Summit Counties of Utah. We have been providing extensive carpet and rug cleaning services to a wide range of residential as well as commercial clients. Our technicians use high powered Rotovac equipment to extract hidden dirt and dust from the deepest layers of your carpet as well as restore the shine of its fibers.

Carpet - $29 per area
4 Area Up To 125 sq. ft.

Get Tthree Areas For $99.00

Spot & Spill Cleanup Guaranteed

Stone/Tile & Grout Cleaning - $0.40per sq. ft.

(Regularly $0.50/sq. ft.)
Tile & Grout Sealing Also Available

Clean A Sofa & Loveseat - $99per unit

We Clean Leather Furniture, Too!
60 Day Spot & Spill Guarantee

No One Cleans Carpets Better Than Us!

Most carpet cleaners today still use the old-fashioned manual scrub wand method that has been around for over 40 years. Using a manually operated wand takes a great deal of physical stamina and it only cleans in two directions – forward and back. It’s physically impossible to do with a manual wand what Aspen Roto Clean does with the Rotovac.

Aspen Roto Clean is a reputed carpet cleaning company serving homes and offices across Utah. We have extensive experience in providing comprehensive cleaning solutions to clients in the Salt Lake, Davis, and Summit Counties. With a blend of advanced cleaning methods and the expertise of our technicians, we will make sure that your carpets are absolutely spotless as well as dirt-free. Whether you have a contemporary style area rug or an antique silk carpet, we know how to care for it so that it retains the same shine and strength for years.

Besides carpets and rugs, Aspen Roto Clean also provides an effective floor, tile, and grout as well as drapery/upholstery cleaning services in Salt Lake, Summit, and Davis Counties.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning For Your Family’s Safety

At Aspen Roto Clean, we use environment-friendly carpet cleaning techniques to minimize any potential environmental and safety hazards for your family and pets. Our technicians use cleaning solutions according to the type, pile density, fiber, and pile height of your carpets. Having received the seal of approval by The Carpet And Rug Institute (CRI), you can rest assured about the effectiveness of our carpet cleaning products and equipment.

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Our Story

When Jon bought the company several years ago, he used a wand just like everyone else. One night when cleaning an office in Draper, Jon decided to use the Rotovac that had been sitting in the truck. “At the end of the clear tube on the Rotovac, I could see how dirty the water was coming out of the carpet as I’m cleaning. I cleaned half the carpet with the wand and started to clean the rest of the carpet with the Rotovac. As I looked down at the tube, I had never seen that level of dirt coming out of a carpet in the two years I had been cleaning. The water going through the sight tube was like mud, almost black. I decided to take the Rotovac back over the area I had just cleaned with my wand, and the dirt came out muddy. I was stunned at how much dirt the wand left on the carpet. I cleaned the rest of the office with the Rotovac, and I haven’t touched a wand since.”

Many companies that use a manual wand use high water pressure, 400 to 500 PSI, to make up for the lack of agitation. If the operator is not careful water can get into the backing and pad leading to long dry times. The Rotovac allows us to use half the water pressure so dry times are typically better. The only thing we want to get wet is the carpet, not the back or pad.

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